Vineyard Farmer's Market
Fresno, California ----  Last updated April 4,  2014


"Fresno residents are fortunate to have this cathedral - like structure devoted to fresh local produce."
Alice Waters
Executive Chef, Founder, and Owner of Chez Panisse
Berkeley, California

"Please know that the Vineyard Market
has a permanent place in my heart as the best market in California!
James Overbaugh;
Executive Director of Food and Beverage Operations
The Peninsula Beverly Hills


2014 list of Vineyard Members









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Chefs at the Market



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Now available on Wednesdays and Saturdays


Springtime at the market: Couture Farms asparagus, Thoa Farms local strawberries, Thor Farms early season blueberries!



Vince's Natural Ranches offers the fruits of the season!

Beets and radishes from Angel Farms of Laton, California.

The view from KMK Organics booth.


Artichokes from Mendoza Farms




Vineyard Farmers Market provides the finest quality,
locally grown*, fruits and vegetables direct
from the grower and is dedicated to providing
your family with a healthy grocery experience
 - year round!

Wednesdays: 3PM - 6PM
Saturdays: 7AM - Noon
Year Round - Rain or Shine

Vineyard Farmers Market
celebrating 34 years of  
featuring locally grown produce
 from Fresno Family Farms! 

10 Reasons to Buy Local Food

* We consider "locally grown" to be within
two hours driving time from Fresno, California.

Perfect Edge Knife Sharpening
>>> Please for details<<<
(only at our market twice a month)

Some of the current Items available at our market:


Kohlrabi from KMK Organic Farms

Mandarins from Vine Ripe tomatoes

Don't forget Casa de Tamales is here on Saturdays only!



Ellias & Maha Muhawi of Mediterranean To Go



Sun Smiling Valley Farms Mushrooms!

First of the fava beans from KMK Farms.


Strawberries from Mao Produce Farms


Sin Smiling Valley Farms Mushrooms

Blackberries from Mendoza Farms.



 Heirloom Hot House Tomatoes from Hanford's Vine Ripe Tomatoes.


MOA Oasis veggies!

Celeriac from Angel Farms

Mao's Produce carrots

Thor Farms Blueberries

Snap peas from Moa Farms



The beautiful arbor at Blackstone and Shaw in Fresno, California was designed by  Christopher Alexander,
an architect at the Center for Environmental Structure in Berkeley. 
It has been home to the Vineyard Farmers' Market
since 1980.
Read more about the project here:





Local celery from Angel's Produce

lettuce from Angel's Produce

Fresh squeezed orange juice
from Ferry Farms of Woodlake, Ca

French breakfast radishes from Angel Farms

Flower Garden of Madera



Bee Bob's Local Honey


Top of the Hill Jams and jellies.

Angel's  Produce Blue and Yukon gold potatoes



Thoa Farms carrots


Organic Leeks from KMK Farms

Nopales and basil from KMK Organic Farms

A bountiful table from KMK Organic Farms


Flower Garden of Madera is ready to brighten your day!


KMK Organic Dandelion greeens!


Blossom Bluff Orchards has citrus and dried fruit and persimmons!

Basil starts from Stella Luna Farms.

Organic local Asparagus from Couture Farms.








Under the provisions of the California Health and Safety Code, it is stated that "customers shall not bring any live animals into any food facility". We ask you to respectfully comply by not bringing your dog or other pets to the Vineyard Farmers Market.

Exceptions: Guide Dog for the Blind / Signal Dog for the Deaf / Service Dog for the Disabled or Handicapped.

"Therapy Dogs" are not service dogs.

Note: It is a misdemeanor offense to falsify Service Dog accreditation.





Current 2014 Members:

Conventional Growers

Year Round Vegetables:
(click to see vendor photos)

Angel Farms
Carrots, potatoes, and all the basics
Laton, CA (29 miles)

Mao's Farm
Asian Specialty Grower
Fresno, CA (14 miles)

Thao Produce
Asian Specialty Grower
Fresno, CA (6 miles)

Vine Ripe Tomatoes
Beefsteak and Heirloom tomatoes year round
Hanford, CA (39 miles)

Sun Smiling Valley Farm
King Oyster Mushrooms, and Asian Vegetables
Fresno, CA (14 miles)

Page River Bottom Farm
Eggs, chicken and pork
Reedley, Ca.


Returning Seasonal Growers
(Not attending the market

Matt Willems Inc
boysenberries, blackberries and blueberries
Reedley, Ca

Marchini Sisters
Italian Specialty Grower: June - Dec
LeGrand, CA (52 miles)

Erickson Farms - Fresno
locally grown cherries

Triple Delight Blueberries
locally grown blueberries

Chateau  Fresno Organics CCOF
Sheep's Milk Cheese
Caruthers, CA



Plants & Flowers
(click to see vendor photos)rts for your garden

Flower Garden of Madera
Madera, CA (12 miles)

Stella Luna Farms
Biodynamic start  for your garden.
Auberry, Ca


Certified Organic Growers

Blossom Bluff C.C.O.F.
Organic Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, and Apricots
Parlier, CA

Couture Farms C.C.O.F.
Organic Asparagus
Kettleman City, Ca (55 miles)

KMK Farms C.C.O.F.
Sustainable Small Family Farm  -  year-round
Kingsburg, CA (32 miles)

Three Sisters Organic C.C.O. F
raisins, almonds and walnuts year round
organic grapes July -Nov
Fresno, CA (17 miles)

I. Mendoza Farms C.C.O.F.
conventional: red and yellow raspberries
strawberries, raspberries & artichokes
Watsonville, CA( 144 miles)


 Conventional Fruit
(click to see vendor photos)

Thor Farms
early season blueberries
Hanford, Ca (39 miles)

Ferry Farms
Fresh squeezed Orange and Pomegranate Juice
 Woodlake, CA (64 miles)

tree ripe fruit.
Reedley, Ca(29 miles)

PAN American MOA Oasis


(click to see vendor photos)

Bee Bob's Honey
Fresno, CA  (3 miles)

Casa de Tamales
Fresh Tamales
Fresno, Ca

Fabianos Coffee Roasters
Fresno, CA (10 miles)

Mediterranean  To Go
Authentic Middle Eastern Food
Fresno, CA

Perfect Edge Knife Sharpening
Please see: for details
Oakhurst, CA

Top of the Hill Jams and Jellies
Jams, Jellies and Preserves
Reedley, Ca




Located on the Northwest Corner of Blackstone & Shaw 
Wednesdays: 3-6PM
Saturdays: 7 AM- Noon
Year Round!

Farm Fresh & Fresno Grown!



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