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Video from the event


Cheng Thoa of Mao Farms talks about his 25 years spent in a relocation camp in Laos.


The lovely centerpieces created by the daughters of  Cheng and Mao .

Attendees enjoyed a birds eye view of how various Hmong specialties are made.







A chicken and squash stir fry simmers as family members take questions from the media during the event.

Son Ernie prepares a stir fry from the vegetables his family grows on their 10 acre farm

Affectionately known as "Hammer" , daughter Mai Shoua prepares egg rolls for the many gathered guests.

Oldest daughter Xaxeng takes questions from the crowd during the question and answer portion of the activities.





Spring rolls of fresh vegetables and mint were quite refreshing on a hot day!  

Beautiful mushrooms from Sun Smiling Farms was donated for the event.
A special three compartment pho pan was used for the preparation of delicious noodles and broth!
Sticky purple rice and bitter melon with egg were just two of the many dishes that guests had the opportunity to enjoy!
Finely shredded Orange Jell-O was just one of the many delicious ingredients in the refreshing and fanciful  tapioca drinks served for desert
Attendees were treated to a musical interlude that included the "playing of a leaf" and also got to ask questions of Cheng's brother who is a Shaman in the Hmong community

Hmong dancers entertained after the dinner.

The daughters of Mao and Cheng Thoa with Mom and Dad.

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