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Angel's Produce Farms
Contact: Angel Produce Farms
Eddie & Evelia Garcia
20117 S. Chestnut Ave
Laton, Ca 93242
(559) 584-8900


The last stop on our May farm tour was 
Angel's Produce Farms.

Angel's has been a member of The Vineyard Farmer's Market since it's inception, and while family patriarch Angel Garcia passed away in 1996, his wife Evelia and son Eddie continue producing vegetables  year-round for the Vineyard Farmer's Market

The tour stopped at Angels gravesite to leave flowers and to thank him for being the inspiration for the farm tours.

Angel Farms leases land down the street from their farm to plant row crops

John Warner has lots of questions for Eddie Garcia.

Eddie Garcia shows off this year's crop of potatoes.


yellow crookneck squash peek though abundant leaves at Angel Farms

The last of the springtime asparagus still tastes best straight from the ground.


Fennel grows heartily next to rows of fava beans.

Robust artichoke plants fill a section of land at Angel Farms!

Beautiful and healthy nopales grow next to stone fruit trees on the grounds of Angel Farms

Vendors Al and Georgia Pergorsh enjoy the shade and a cool drink after the whirlwind May farm tour.
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